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Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

by Shaik Rehan
Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

If you’re considering who to represent you when selling your home, there are many things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, it’s best to choose an agent from a direct referral. If you’ve heard fantastic stories about a particular real estate agent from a family member or neighbor, they’re probably going to be an excellent agent for you, too! Word of mouth is a great way to pick a real estate agent.  Here are tips on how to choose the best real estate agent.

If you can’t choose an agent based on a recommendation, then you may wish to take a more modern approach and Google it! Search for “real estate agent” and your zip code or neighborhood, then identify three agents you’d like to talk to over the phone or in person. It can be helpful to conduct an interview, asking questions to ascertain their experience and marketing ideas for your home. Here are some things to think about:

  • Does the agent work in real estate full-time or part-time?
  • Does this real estate agent have experience with your neighborhood, specifically?
  • What amount of experience do they have in the real estate industry?
  • What is their annual sales volume?
  • How many homes do they sell each year in your area?
  • Do they have a solid marketing plan for selling your home?

You may be tempted to go with the agent who gives you a big number. Unfortunately, many sellers can go wrong at this point! While a high sales price sounds great on paper, there are much better factors to consider when determining who will be the best person for the job. An agent who promises to sell your home for $10,000 over market value may not be able to deliver, after all. In order to move forward, you’ll need to decide two things:

  1. Looking at data from all your interviews, what list price makes the most sense for your home?
  2. Which agent will do the best job at marketing my property and selling it?

After you pick an agent, it’s time to get to work! Pay attention to your agent’s marketing plan, and follow up with them to see which elements they are executing and when. Make sure your agent is taking care of each marketing element to ensure a successful sale.

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