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Different Kinds of Videos to Boost Sales

by Alison Lurie
Different Kinds of Videos to Boost Sales

Video marketing is crucial tool marketers and companies should use as their primary component. When you use it as part of search engine optimization and email marketing, they are an effective way to attract prospective customers and clients. They result in a growth in your customer base and enhancement in ROI. It’s essential to make a professional-quality video that looks great and market it in the proper manner to the target audience.

You can look into video tech for corporate sales, like an AI-powered application that helps you create personalized videos by giving you the ability to automate video creation. Using such an app lets you drive action with video in every stage of your sales funnel, from connecting to customers to closing a deal. Given below are some prominent types of videos to boost corporate sales.

Corporate Films 

A strong branding or corporate film can make your customers familiar with your company’s ideology. A professionally-created corporate film plays a huge role in explaining your values and message. At the same time, it also establishes your corporate identity. A corporate film helps you connect with your customers by displaying your company as a physical identity with a distinct philosophy and corporate culture. You should show such films on your company websites.

Product Film

This is a perfect way to focus on the functionalities and benefits of a specific product or service. You can create such a film with video tech apps and services that go in-depth and explain how your product works and the problems it solves. You can use these videos in your email marketing campaigns or on your social media platforms.

Testimonial Video

A testimonial video shows how your service resolved a problem for your consumer. It also displays your business and its products in a very positive light and makes your audience distinguish your company from your contesters in your target market. These videos detail the problem your customer was having, why they chose your company, how your product fixed their situation, and your product’s key benefits.

Social Media Video

These videos enhance audience engagement and brand awareness. More than 90 percent of brands get new customers from social media videos. This is because a properly made video can capture attention swiftly. It is important to create entertaining videos that showcase your brand. At the same time, they should also appeal to the needs of your target customers. You can do so with a video tech platform, which has tools that facilitate the creation of quality content. With their aid, you can efficiently communicate your message through video. Hence, it becomes effortless to produce consistent and quality video content for external and internal communication at a cost-effective price.

Expert Interviews 

Through an expert interview video, you can tell your story in a manner that helps you create a connection with your audience. These videos should be engaging, with the interviewer asking various questions that enable the expert to talk about things that viewers would like to know. Such videos also help you come across as an authority in your domain.

Using a video tech platform, you can create these different types of videos and enhance your corporate sales. An AI-powered video tech for corporate sales has templates and scripts within the app that save you time creating your message. It also has an in-app teleprompter to read your script off the screen. You can also measure the success of the sales team and their videos with in-built tracking capabilities in the app.

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