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Different Poker Charts that Every Player Must Know

by Janardhan
Different Poker Charts that Every Player Must Know

When playing this game, many fans of poker use charts for their benefit. As a result, I made a list of the fundamental poker charts that every poker player needs to be familiar with.

To win at poker, you need to do your math right. Therefore, it’sit’s essential to remember that by calculating your chance of winning your hand, you’ll know how much is at stake.

You will get more understanding of the game by reading these charts.

The charts show important information that many beginners sometimes ignore, so using them should make you feel more at ease when playing poker hand online and in live games.

Best Poker Charts

Poker Hand Rank Chart

Since poker hand rankings determine the strength of the various hands you can play, they are a helpful tool for making in-game decisions.

You must grasp how poker hands rank to predict if you will win the pot. Most poker players take this knowledge for granted. However, keeping this chart open in a separate window is always a good idea if you’re new to online poker.

Poker Starting Hand Chart

The first-hand chart is the most essential item you should remember from this session. A diagram displays the opening hands to play from different positions.

Poker Pot Odds Charts

Calculates the number of required equities to be profitable and determines value-to-bluff ratios.

Poker Strating Hand Ranges Chart

Even more important than the hand itself is knowing which hands to play and in which positions. The hands/hand ranges you should play and the position are specified in this 6-max Cash Hand Chart.

Poker Equity Chart

Although you can never be aware of what your opponent is holding, this chart helps with confusion by matching up hands and ranges in typical heads-up situations.

Push Fold Chart

Push/fold charts for heads-up play are helpful in poker games. Push charts are appropriate for SB open-shove ranges, and call charts are applicable for BB calling vs SB shoves in games with more than two players.

Divide all the numbers on the pusher chart by 2, and you can tell which hands you should use to push the button. By the same reasoning, you can find a substantial pushing range from the CO by multiplying all of the chart’s original numbers by 4.

Some of the figures will be impossible to calculate accurately for the CO and positions further to the right of the blinds because the highest figure that the chart provides is “20+” big blinds, which are used for many hands in the chart.

Final Words!

There are many of us love to play poker games online and offline. Understanding poker charts helps play better in games with opponents. Pocket52 is an online platform for all poker lovers. Pocket52 offers round-the-clock tournament action and entertainment with over 6 Lakhs in a guaranteed prize pool through freerolls.

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