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How to get ITIL4 strategist direct, plan and improve certification?

by Shaik Rehan

To get this certification, one has to complete the ITIL 4 foundation certification. 

From research conducted by peoplecert, it is observed that 90% of candidates have significantly improved their specialist ID skills by staying up-to-date with the latest and the best-practice methods, increasing their visibility by this worldwide recognized certification. They also help businesses and customers to deliver fast and valuable outputs by optimizing automation and meeting increasing stakeholder demands with the most popular ITSM framework.

The DPI or direct, plan, and improve is a strategist module that is designed for leadership Roles in IT. raiderlink helps the certified professionals and their organizations to break the traditional barriers by transformational digital teams that integrate fast to breakdown the siloes working and improve flow. Decertification helps both the organization as well as the professional to achieve operational excellence, reducing complexity, allowing the organization to succeed in a high-velocity environment by mitigating risks, and eliminating wasteful works. This also increases the knowledge and skill set of a professional by communicating the upgraded, and updated principles guidelines and practices followed in the IT service management industry.mysnhu

The ways to get certified. 

Currently, AXELOS works with Peoplecert to train the applicants and certify them. To be eligible for this certification is you need to have the foundational certification along with training certification from the AXELOS accredited training organization. You can get the training as well as give the uark blackboard examination through the online medium as per your availability and requirement. These accredited training organizations provide 3-4 days of the training program for most of the programs in our life

It is quite easy to apply for this certification. As we have discussed above, you have to decide before you leap into this module. The ITIL four has two certification pathways:

  • The ITIL4 managing professional
  • ITIL 4 Strategic leader

The DPI certification is quintessential for both the certification pathway. After completing the DPI certification, you are halfway through the ITIL4 strategic leader module and a quarter through the ITIL 4 managing professional module.

Now before you take the decision of having this intermediate-level certification, you have to gain clarity in the four dimensions of service management that include the following:

  1. Organizations and people information and technology
  2. Value streams and processes
  3. Partners and suppliers 

You should know the fact that ITIL focuses more on value. icollege Certainly, there are other factors like political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental that affect this ITSM paradigm. So as a DPI practitioner, you have to associate value with whatever you do. The core learning out of this certification is the same.

The benefits 

With ITIL 4, opportunities are seemingly endless the guiding principles, irrespective of difference found in industries and organizations, in line with their business and their work environment is amicable do all sorts of scenarios. Meaning your organization, after endorsing the ITIL process, will be compliant in a global platform of ISO 27000.

ITIL certification achieved by any individual who is engaged in IT service management tends to enhance skills professionally after achieving this certification. This also gives them room for increasing their salary potential by up to 9% more than non-certified professionals. ITIL DPI certification is a validation that the certified professional is highly capable of making critical decisions related to design, implementation, and owning outcome responsibility.

All the institutional and governance decisions are taken at the top, management concepts like delegation of authorities, decision-making has become more dynamic these days. uark blackboard Your answer to handle frequent and recurring matters can be delegated to your subordinates. And you can rise above and make strategic decisions; tactical plans formulate decisional guidelines to conquer unprecedented situations. The purpose of ITIL DPI certification is to make the applicants’ job-ready and free from faulty products and services.

With this certification, you optimize the scope of control by determining the organizational success direction. Your progress is calculated, taking into account the overall fluidity and the productivity of the organization, so as a strategic decision-making body, you have to counter such discrepancies with the best practices of ITIL4 DPI.



With changing times, ITIL has updated its publications and included the buzzing technology common methodologies, practices, and guidelines to bring a revolution in the IT service management industry. The changes felt across the globe and organizations, as well as people, are taking out the benefits as promised by ITIL.

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