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Instagram DM, the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing network, has always been an app-centric service, with only a few basic functionality like seeing posts and stories available on the online version.

However, Instagram has now extended the Direct Messaging feature to the website, allowing users to send and receive one-on-one messages from their pals, exactly like in the app.

About Instagram DM

The web version of Instagram’s DM function is comparable to the mobile app, which allows users to talk with friends, form new groups, share photos and videos, and even like a message. Users can now enable DM desktop notifications to be notified of new updates with the new service

How do I send a direct message on Instagram from a post I see in my feed? You can send direct messages to postings you see in your feed. Messages won’t show up in your feed, search, or profile.

What does “DM” mean on Instagram?

Direct messaging is referred to as DM.

DMs are private messages sent between two or more Instagram users, or between a group of users.

Instagram DMs aren’t visible in your brand’s feed, profile, or search results.

They won’t work for your fans, either. The direct communications are only visible to you and people with whom you are conversing..

Instagram Direct is how DMs are sent on the platform. Consider it a private email account where you can send and receive messages.

By clicking on the paper aircraft icon on both desktop and mobile, you can visit Instagram Direct to see your Instagram DMs.

How To Send DM On Instagram Using A Laptop Or PC

Without any extra downloads or features, anyone may create or react to Instagram DMs from their desktop. This makes it easy for your brand to answer to a large number of DMs in a short amount of time.

The technique is the same whether you’re replying to an Instagram DM on a PC or creating an Instagram DM on a Mac:

Log into your brand’s Instagram account

Click on the paper airplane icon.

See all your Instagram DMs

Send other users’ content

1. Log into your brand’s Instagram account

Use your preferred web browser to access instagram.com. A specialized Instagram DM browser does not exist.

2. Click on the paper airplane icon

To get to Instagram Direct, go to the top right corner of the page and click the paper aircraft icon.

3. See all your Instagram DMs

Here you can see all of your brand’s direct messages and conversations. In the list, unread direct messages will appear first.

There’s also the option to start a new DM. Click the blue Send Message button to begin a new discussion.

To start a new one-on-one conversation, type in a user’s handle. You have the ability to message any brand or user you follow.

Alternatively, make a group for Instagram DMs. You can send DMs to up to 32 individuals on Instagram Direct.

By clicking the three buttons next to the Instagram DM on your desktop, you may also like, copy, or report a DM.

4. Send other users’ content

Instagram DMs can incorporate photographs, polls, GIFs, Instagram Stories, and IGTV clips in addition to written messages. In a DM, your brand could communicate with people by sharing other users’ content.

Navigate to the private photo, video, or IGTV that you want to share. Under that post, click the paper aircraft icon.

Then decide how you wish to distribute the content

You can write in the Instagram user you wish to send the material to directly via Instagram DM by selecting Share to Direct.

What are the Benefits of Using an Instagram Auto DM Bot?

Interacting with other Instagram users is essential for your account’s growth. Sending direct messages to Instagram users is one of the ways you may communicate with them.

They may be unaware of your Instagram activities or unfamiliar with your products and services, so when they follow your page, you can send them direct messages to explain the features of your items. Furthermore, you can notify them when you have excellent sale events. All you need to do now is set up your Instagram DM bot, and it will handle everything else.

best practices for sending and responding Instagram DMs

One approach to effectively use Instagram for business and earn more Instagram followers is to engage with your customers and answer to Instagram DMs.

Here are some important pointers to remember.

Set up notifications for Instagram DMs

Ascertain that your brand receives all new Instagram Direct Messages (DMs).

Go to Settings on both a desktop and a mobile device. If you’re on a desktop, select Notifications (or Push Notifications).

Make sure the From Everyone (if you’re on a desktop) choices are chosen under Direct Messages.

Also, make sure that all of the On (if you’re working on a mobile device) options are turned on. This will ensure that your brand receives all new DMs.

Use Instagram Quick Replies

Over Instagram Direct, your brand is likely to receive a slew of identical inquiries. Save time by using the Instagram Quick Replies option instead of typing out the same response.

Create an Instagram Creator Account. This will not only enable Quick Replies, but it will also provide you extra options for organizing and managing your Instagram DMs, such as the two-tab inbox.

Quick Replies can be found under the Settings menu. To make a Quick Reply, follow these steps:

  • • Click the “+” in the top right corner, button.
  • Write a response to a frequently requested question.
  • For that message, create a one-word keyboard shortcut.
  • Type the single word into Instagram Direct when responding to an Instagram DM. The full response you’ve saved will autofill when you click the blue “Insert a quick reply” button.
  • When a new message arrives, acknowledge it.
  • That way, even if your team is unable to respond to the direct message right away, your consumer will not be left in the dark.
  • Thank the client for contacting you.
  • Inform them that their message has been received..
  • Set a timeframe for how long the team will take to respond to their enquiry.

This aids in the development of a bond between the user and your brand. It also improves customer service by establishing expectations about when a consumer can expect to speak with your company.

Then follow up promptly

Make sure you don’t leave your consumers waiting!

And the quicker your company responds, the better. Customers who complain to a company via social media anticipate a response within 60 minutes, according to Convince & Convert, a research and advising group.

If you take too long to respond to a consumer, they may lose faith in your company.

Write in your brand voice

Make sure to adopt the same tone in your Instagram DMs as you do on your website.

  • Be genuine and approachable. Demonstrate to your consumer that they are speaking with a real person who is concerned about their experience with your company.
  • Avoid using jargon. Use these words and phrases sparingly.
  • Make sure your communication is simple to comprehend. Irony, sarcasm, and jokes may be misunderstood or offensive to the reader.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes

Make sure your writing is professional and fits your brand.

Look for typos, misspellings, and grammatical faults. Check your DM for flow. Make sure you’re working with the proper account if your organization manages many brands and has multiple Instagram profiles.

Keep your writing short and sweet

When someone contacts your company directly, they expect a speedy response. So stay away from the small talk.

Let’s get started.

Respond to your consumers’ direct messages as soon as possible. Write in an easy-to-understand manner. Shorten your sentences.

Also, don’t be afraid of brief paragraphs.

Customers will be able to locate the answer to their question faster as a result of all of this

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