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Simplest Way to Add Watermark to PDF Files

by Shaik Rehan
Add Watermark to PDF

Watermarks in PDFs play a vital role in protecting your files from people who want to access and use them without your permission. You can set up a password in your PDF documents to limit file access, but adding a watermark will also serve as another security feature for your PDFs. It safeguards the information these PDFs contain and claims to be your intellectual property.

Moreover, watermarks in your PDF files also denote whether it’s the original document or a copied one. That’s why many companies use watermarks to help people recognize the rightful owners of the PDFs. Good news because the procedure of adding watermarks to PDFs becomes easy with the help of Shrink PDF free. Here’s the most straightforward process of watermarking your PDF files using the GogoPDF online tool.

Watermark Your PDFs Painlessly

When you add watermark to PDF files using the online tool of GogoPDF, it will only take a few minutes to get done, depending on the number of your PDF pages. The more page numbers you watermark, the more time you’ll need to finish. People who have a hectic schedule like you tend to look for a reliable online tool to help you quickly accomplish your tasks.

That’s why GogoPDF is a perfect platform you should use for your PDF documents. Go to the official website of GogoPDF and upload your files you need to watermark on its online tool. The system will then ask you what type of watermark you want to use. It could be plain text or an image of your choosing.

After that, you have to decide where to position the watermark on your PDF files. Then, tap the “Add watermark” button so the system will begin saving the changes you’ve made to your PDF files. Once it’s finished, the PDFs are now ready for download that you can save in your smartphone or computer file storage. That’s the most straightforward watermarking process using the GogoPDF online tool that will indeed help you save more time and effort.

Customize Your Watermark

As mentioned earlier, you have options on how to watermark your PDF files. That’s one of the fantastic features of the GogoPDF platform. The tool lets you customize the watermark you want to add to your PDFs. You may add plain texts and select your desired font style, color, and size that you think will look better on your files.

Besides plain texts, you can also choose a downloaded image from the internet or anything you’ve saved in your file storage. That’s the benefit you’ll get when you use the GogoPDF add-watermark online tool. It allows you to personalize the watermark for your PDF files. Then, the process is very easy, and you’ll never encounter any trouble with the system.

Compatibility Advantage

The online tool of GogoPDF is compatible with many devices and operating systems. Hence, you’ll never have a problem when you use your desktop computer, laptop, or even the smartphone or tablet that you carry every day. For mobile phones, using an iPhone or an Android will never be an issue.

The website of GogoPDF uses a system that accepts uploads from any of these sources. On top of that, since you need to access the website for you to use its tool, you have a lot of options for web browsers. You can use Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and many other portals most people use.

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