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Top 7 Popular Bed Pads For June 2022 

by Shaik Rehan

Sleeping is essential: whether it is for gaining the sleeping beauty or recharging yourself from the hectic workday. Your bed plays a pivotal role in providing the comfort needed for a peaceful sleep, don’t you agree? Most individuals are thoughtful about their beds and mattresses. However, a few just take it for granted. However, we recommend giving deep thought to investing in a quality bed, comfortable mattress, and practical bed pad.  

Bed pads are like an additional protective layer on your mattress to prevent it from spills, sweats, dust, allergens, mites, and urinary leakage. Therefore,  the market is flooding with bed pad brands claiming to be of utmost use. In reality, only a few deliver practical usage and value for money. So, to make your decision easy and wiser, this article has compiled a list of the top seven popular lab-tested bed pads for 2022 


1. The Best Copper Mattress Pad By ViscoSoft 

71% of 1,600+ reviewers on Amazon rated this mattress five stars, and that says it all. Well, this mattress from ViscoSoft is chosen best overall for not one but many reasons. For starters, the extra-plush pillowtop bed pad stays quiet at night when you twist and turn; it keeps you warm while asleep.  

The snug mattress pad fits appropriately to the mattress and provides impeccable comfort. The good news is that the mattress is average-priced and comes with monoprice 110010 a 60-day trial option for novice buyers.  


2. The Best Quilted Fitted Mattress By Utopia  

If you are looking for a super affordable and breathable (4 out of 5 stars) microfiber mattress pad, the one from Utopia can be perfect for you. Plus, the bed pad has the softest surface to offer you a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t retain water. Hence, it does no good to spill-prone families.  

But don’t worry about unexpected accidents: the mattress pad is machine-washable for easy maintenance. Plus, this long-lasting bed pad doesn’t come out matter how much you toss while sleeping.  


3. The Best Splurge Mattress Pad By Birch Living By Helix  

Who would resist a sustainable mattress pad made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton? This organic mattress pad from Birch Living, Birch By Helix, is a masterpiece monoprice 110010 made out of cotton without the use of any chemicals. It is a little pricey, yet worth investing in a mattress pad that absorbs stains and spills and wicks away moisture. The brand knows both: 

  • How to deliver comfort (delivers ultra-soft touch mattress pad), and  
  • How to swoon away customers (offers a 100-night sleep trial)  

4. The Best Design Mattress Pad By Coyuchi  

For an aesthetic-driven individual, the organic mattress pad by Coyuchi is the best match as it has the best deal to offer in terms of design and decency. Unlike other mattress pads, the material is thinner. Therefore, it has no plush feeling. However, the white quilted tufts of the mattress pad appeal elegantly to the eyes while fitting suitably to the sheets. 

 Such a  mattress pad allows a gentle machine-wash in a while to live fresh as long as it can. Furthermore, the company dispatches the bed pad in a reusable, organic cloth bag to eliminate plastic use at max.

5. The Best Cooling Mattress Pad By The Company Store  

Are you the one who sweats too much at night? Perhaps, you should consider investing in the best cooling mattress pad by The Company Store. The Company Store has made a blend of 80% cotton and 20% COOLMAX®, a moisture-wicking poly fiber, to produce a mattress pad that keeps the heat temperature low throughout the night. Specially designed for cooling experiences, this mattress pad has only one drawback, i.e., it isn’t waterproof.  

6. The Best Pest Protection Mattress Pad By Hospitology Products 

Do you wish to safeguard your mattress from dust mites and bed bugs? Give a try the best pest protection bed pad from Hospitology Products. It is like your self-defense while asleep. The Hospitology Products Mattress Encasement is no cushiony bed pad but strictly a shield to little guys harming your mattress from the inside.  

Besides bug protection, the cover also prevents spills and stains. The 5-year warranty attached to this mattress pad is like a cherry on the cupcake for buyers.  

7. The Best Spill-proof Mattress Protector By SafeRest 

Nobody can control the actions of children while they are at home. And by this, we are indicating the multiple spills throughout the day while in bed. But thanks to the mattress protector from SafeRest, whose spill-proof materials can alleviate this problem.  

More like a mattress cover, this option comes with a 10-year warranty to help you prioritize spill and dirt protection in the long run. If you can compromise a little comfort (that doesn’t mean it is too hard) and want spill protection, this mattress protector is your best friend.  


Bed mattresses are highly required if you have a child with a habit of bed wetting or an adult with a urinary leakage condition. Besides this, bed pads are essential to protect your mattress from unwanted spill stains and dust.  

The good thing is that bed pads offer a year-round discount, especially during labor day mattress sales in September and the Black Friday mattress sales. A few mattress manufacturers pack a bed pad and save the customers from additional investment. (how thoughtful of them, isn’t it?) Rest assured, you can always steal discount deals online and offline at any time in the year.  

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