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Top Leg Spinners Of All Time: A Total Dominance

by Shaik Rehan
Top Leg Spinners Of All Time: A Total Dominance

The use of spin bowling is widely regarded as one of the most challenging aspects of the sport of cricket. To be acknowledged as the best leg spinner of all time is an accomplishment that is not easily attained. The following is a list of the top ten leg spinners in the history of international cricket and one can see their amazing bowling by watching cricket live video.

The name Shane Warne is the first one that comes to mind whenever the topic of spinners is brought up. Warne is usually recognized as the best bowler in the history of cricket. This legend has played an important role in many of Australia’s successes throughout the years while competing for the national team. Since making his international debut against India with a terrible bowling record of 1/150, this bowler has gone a long way. Warne is currently the second-highest wicket-taker in the history of cricket, having collected a total of 708 wickets throughout 145 test matches. Without a doubt, Shane Warne is the best leg spinner that has ever lived. On display is a leg break that he made with his century ball

  • Anil Kumble –

An Indian cricket hero and former team captain, Anil Kumble, now holds the record for the most wickets taken in the history of international cricket. Because his ball-spinning abilities at the beginning of his career were not as strong as those of other spinners, he did not garner a lot of attention when he initially started. Because of his ability to pitch and bounce the ball in any direction, Anil established himself as one of the most accomplished leg spinners in the history of cricket. He has taken 619 wickets in 132 tests, making him India’s most successful wicket-taker of all time.

  • Abdul Qader –

True sports fans will forever hold Abdul Qader in contempt because of what he did. This Pakistani leg-spinner has a history of wreaking havoc on the defense of the opposition team. He has played 67 tests for Pakistan and has taken 236 wickets for the team. In addition to this, his bowling statistics are the finest of all Pakistani bowlers. Qader took nine wickets and allowed 56 runs in the match against England that took place in 1987. Without a shadow of a doubt, Abdul Qader is one of the best leg spinners in the history of the game. He possesses a wide variety of techniques, including the googly.

  • Richie Benaud –

Richie Benaud’s work as a pundit on the television network Channel 9 in Canada has garnered a lot of attention throughout the years. Benaud is regarded as one of the most revered and eminent individuals in the history of Australian cricket, specifically with regard to his playing career. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, he was recognized as one of the most talented wrist spinners on the squad. He has taken 248 wickets over the course of 63 test matches, which works out to an average of 27.03 per match.

  • Bill O’Reilly –

It is tough to refute the notion that Bill O’Reilly is among the best bowlers in the annals of bowling history. He has represented Australia in 27 tests and has amassed 144 wickets during his time there. In a single over, Walter Hammond took five wickets, which is a record that has not been surpassed to this day. The fact that Hammond had a respectable batting average against Bill during his career was 22.59, which made Bill an easy target for the bowling.

  • Subash Gupte –

In the world of cricket, Subash Gupte is a household name thanks to the extraordinary bowling statistics he has compiled and the manner in which he conducts himself on the field. Sir Garry Sobers reportedly referred to Subash as the best leg spinner who ever lived (even better than Shane Warne). Through his performance against the old West Indies, in which he took 27 wickets, he established himself as one of the greatest bowlers in the annals of cricket history. He has participated in 36 test matches during the course of his career and has taken 149 wickets.

Top Leg Spinners Of All Time: A Total Dominance

  • Chandrashekhar –

One of the most accomplished players in the annals of test cricket is the legendary Chandrashekar. With India, he has played in only eight test matches, yet he has racked up 242 wickets at an incredible average of 29.74. During the 1970s, Chandrashekar was India’s best choice when facing off against hard-hitting batsmen from other teams. Because of the unpredictability of his leg-spin bowling, he is often considered to be the best leg-spinner in the history of cricket. The following paragraph will provide you with some background information on BS Chandrashekar’s life. Fast Bowler Becomes Legendary Leg-Spinner. BS Chandrasekha.

  • Mushtaq Ahmed –

Mushtaq Ahmed was widely regarded as one of the game’s most talented wrist spinners. During his time as test tea captain, he achieved a lot of success, which was a highlight of his term. He played against Pakistan in a total of 52 matches, during which he took 185 wickets. During his time as a professional  player, Ahmed has competed for a total of three different county teams. These teams are Sussex, Surrey, and Somerset.

  • Stuart MacGill –

It’s possible that Stuart MacGill has had the worst luck of any spinner in the history of the sport. He was frequently overshadowed by Shane Warne, who is considered to be Australia’s best test bowler of all time. Because of his skilled use of spin and his capacity to bowl tricky googlies, he has taken 208 wickets during the course of 44 tests.

  • Danish Kaneria –

This rating places Danish Kaneria, an auxiliary leg spinner for the Pak, tenth overall. As a test spinner, he has played 61 matches and collected 261 wickets, becoming Pakistan’s all-time leading wicket-taker in test matches. Kaneris’ flawless googly, which is generally considered to be his most impressive artistic effort, was responsible for the deaths of a number of his victims.

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