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Use your old custom boxes to make something crafty to engage your kids!

by Shaik Rehan

Do you love to craft? Do you want to encourage your kids the same way that you were encouraged when you were a child? Therefore, use your old custom boxes to make something new and unique!

Here are the top 10 ideas that you can use to make something new:

You can use your old custom boxes to create something unique and something crafty with your kids. All you will need is some old packaging, such as custom mailer boxes for shipment and you can start with these ideas!

1. Mini notebook:

You can make a mini notebook in the shape of a box. Get ready some paper, glue, and scissors. Design your box. Cut out the pieces of paper into small squares. Glue the squares onto the box.

2. Card Holder:

Another fun project for kids is to turn empty custom boxes into card holders! All you have to do is cut out the part of the box that you need, glue it on top of some colored construction paper, and cut out letters or shapes from different colored papers or patterned papers! Glue those shapes on top! Voila!

3 . Flower Vase:

Your child can make a flower vase from an empty custom box. You would have to cut the top and one side of the box to make it a flower vase and it is up to your child’s imagination on how to decorate it!

4. Pencil Holder:

This is another fun project! All you have to do is paint on the box, cut out a hole that is big enough for pencils or pens, and then put some material inside. Glue it on top of the box. This makes a lovely decoration if your kids are taking up art classes!

6. Birdhouse:

Another idea that uses an old custom box is a bird house! Paint it, decorate it and glue some small twigs around it! If your kids love birds, this one’s for them!

7. Place Setting:

Kids will love to see their old custom boxes get some new life as a place setting! You can make place settings by painting them and gluing them onto round boxes or, if you have tons of empty custom boxes lying around, you can make place settings by taking old patterned paper and taping it together. Our oldest daughter makes her elegant place setting each morning with her own customized boxes!

8 . Flower Display:

You could also use your empty custom box to create a flower display! Moreover, take a piece of paper and tape it to the box. Create some collages on the picture and decorate the sides of the box with color paper that is cut into small squares.

9. Decoration Box:

Another idea is to turn empty custom boxes into decoration boxes! Cut out the pattern that you will use in the box, design it, tape it on top of the box, and decorate it with rub-on!

10. Organizer:

Make an organizer for some craft items that you can use in different ways! In addition to this, all you have to do is cut up the custom box, put them together, and glue them on top of each other! The result? You have an organizer for crafts supplies!

11. Candy Container: 

The first thing that comes to mind when we see this idea is not exactly candy, but rather something like a  nut bowl. What you do is take an old custom box and cut it into pieces. Your child can use these pieces to make something decorative! 

12. Picture Frame: 

You can also make a frame from your old custom box! You can glue or pin some pictures or images in the frame using scrapbooking paper, tape, or anything that comes to mind. The box can be used as an art piece of sorts.

13. Magnifying Glass:

If you are a mother, you can make your kids an awesome magnifying glass out of an old custom box! Simply cut a hole on the top and cut out a piece of paper to use as the magnifier!

14. Toy Box:

Kids can use old custom boxes to make a toy box! Use the box as an inspiration, cut it up and glue or taper some sides, and you have a toy box!

15. Jewelry Box:

Another idea for making an awesome jewelry box is to take a small scrapbooking paper, cut it in half and tape them together. Hence, then you can design a beautiful box with it. Hence, use your imagination to make the box, and you will be amazed at the result!

In a nutshell:

Ask your kids to use their old custom boxes to make something new! You will be encouraging their creativity and you would be helping our planet at the same time.

Moreover, you could also encourage them by telling them that they will be able to keep whatever they want to make out of the box, even after it is empty. Turn this into a project and let them take all the fun!

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